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We have been dedicated to serving the health care needs
of the Central Mass. since 1989.

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Leominster acupuncturist serving Southern New Hampshire and North Central Massachusetts

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The truth is, unless you are proactive about changing what is causing you to experience ill health your condition will tend to get worse over time. Natural therapies offer gentle, yet potent interventions that prompt the body and mind to balance and heal itself.

Why Acupuncture Associates?

  • We have been serving the Central Mass. for over 25 years.
  • We take time to clearly communicate a treatment plan.
  • We educate you on ways to improve and maintain your health.
  • We understand disease and healing from both Western and Traditional healing perspectives.
  • We specialize in the treatment of both acute & chronic ailments effecting adults and children.
  • We are a Health Net Federal Services provider and proudly offer the Veterans Choice Program.

Discover just how amazing your life can be when you are completely balanced.

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