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If I've discovered one thing, it is that you are never too old to start feeling better. I am a woman in her late 60's, the mother of five and grandmother of seven. I am still working as a full time teacher and try to stay active. However, for the past 30 years I have suffered from chronic back pain and, more recently, sciatic pain. Over the years I have tried everything from medications, exercise, chiropractic, yoga, stretching....all to no avail.

Last year, out of desperation, I went to a back specialist who diagnosed me with spinal stenosis, disc compression and arthritis. He suggested three options: surgery, physical therapy or acupuncture. I chose acupuncture and came to Acupuncture Associates.


After an initial series of 8 treatments, I felt fabulous! I went from walking hunched over to standing totally upright and was rid of the gnawing pain to which I had become accustomed. I can now walk, sit and sleep pain-free. I am able to travel and enjoy my life knowing that if I overdo, relief is just an appointment away. I would highly recommend this method of pain relief. I have always left a session relaxed, free of stress and pain.


R. G. - Fitchburg


Acupuncture has virtually saved my life. There is no way I can describe the amount of pain I have suffered over the years. My first treatment in March 2001 showed immediate results. Progressive treatments followed and the results have been so positive that I can now do activities that were difficult to accomplish in the past. Today I am relatively free of pain and do a once-a-month maintenance program. 

D.T. - Leominster



My wife and daughter have both been helped immensely from Kathy Tamilio's acupuncture treatments. My daughter, who has an ongoing brain tumor and various deficits from surgery and side-effects from chemotherapy, experienced remarkable results, including relief from nausea, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, and various types of pain. Without regular acupuncture, her current condition would be intolerable.

My wife experienced palliative relief from nausea and pain during a major illness. Kathy Tamilio has convinced me of the value of acupuncture. She has gone out of her way, and far beyond the call of duty, many times to treat members of my family. She gets my highest recommendation.

Walter Crockett-Worcester


I have known Kathy Tamilio-Awed since we attended the New England School of Acupuncture and graduated in the same class. Now as then I have the utmost respect for her skill and professionalism. I have referred patients to Kathy who live in her area, including my own daughter, with very satisfying results. She is a first rate practitioner with high ethics and standards.

David Sollars-First Health Andover



Kathy is a very personable caring professional who helped my daughter, Adrienne, immensely when her wrist was sore from playing tennis. After treatment, my daughter said her wrists felt like new and the pain went away. I highly recommend Kathy if you have aches and pains.

Charlie Sharigian-Worcester



I have been a client of Acupuncture Associates for a year and a half
now, and from my first phone call to inquire, I have been treated with
expertise, professionalism, caring, humor and most of all understanding!!

Coming with a history of chronic pain for approximately ten years, I was not hoping to find a miracle--only to improve in some small way and avoid pain medication.

The evaluation was more complete than any physician's I have ever had. She inquired about lifestyle and limitations--so important to someone who wants to remain sane, active and social! All kinds of physicians and therapists only offered pain medication in amazing amounts.

She identified the paths of disruption immediately. Treatment has been more than successful. She has educated me every visit.

My heart is grateful to have found an office and people who are a haven for caring. My “payment forward” for all the above shall be to pass my experience on to family, friends and anyone who will listen. Especially physicians! Excellent care is given here--but what's really the most important is the loving and caring manner in which she delivers it. I'm part of this family and it truly makes we well. Thank you.

M.B. - Holden


Acupuncture Associates treated me in a professional and courteous manner. The support staff and acupuncturist explained the procedures and plan of treatment in a way that was easily to understand. The entire staff answered my questions in a competent and timely manner. They worked with my schedule and allowed me flexibility in scheduling. They made no promises as to the outcome of my treatment, but presented a hopeful and optimistic outlook of the anticipated results. In my opinion, the final results were a success. After only five treatments during the summer of 2008, I remain pain-free to this day!
Thanks to all. 

W.R. - Worcester


I have experienced chronic lower back and neck pain with numbness, which had resulted from bulging discs. The pain significantly interfered with my ability to function, concentrate and sleep. Medications were somewhat effective, but left me feeling unbalanced.
Acupuncture has made a remarkable and significant difference in not only relieving my pain, but in restoring quality to my life. I have been unable to work since Feb'08. Twenty-five plus years of Acute Care Nursing has taken its toll, but I now look forward to returning to my demanding, yet very rewarding, career.

I must say that I am truly amazed and pleased with the progress and healing that acupuncture has made possible for me physically and emotionally. I would highly recommend acupuncture to anyone who suffers. I feel renewed and am very grateful

J. R. - Leominster



When I was in my early forties, I sustained a skiing accident that involved soft tissue damage to the upper hip joint. Doctors indicated that I would experience greater levels of joint pain and discomfort until I became a candidate for a hip replacement surgery.

I am now in my mid-fifties and I have lived with chronic pain in the hip to the point where sitting for any sustained period of time was extremely uncomfortable. I reached the point where almost any rotational movement in the hip was accompanied with pain.

I was introduced to Acupuncture Associates by my wife who was undertaking treatment....I had no prior exposure to acupuncture other than through observing the positive effects that my wife experienced.

The first session was quite interesting for me. I had no pain or discomfort from the needles and was asking a lot of questions throughout the session. I was impressed with the pre-treatment medical questionnaire and the examination, conducted in a total non-Western-medicine methodology.

Perhaps the most amazing outcome from the first session was the improvement in the hip pain. By the end of the day, I had nearly 360 degrees of pain-free movement. The effects of the first treatment lasted for five days. When the pain returned, it was far less severe than before. I looked forward to the second treatment. The effects of that session lasted for the full week. Since then, I have been virtually pain-free. I can sit through hour-long meetings with no discomfort.

I don't know how the science of acupuncture works, but I know it works for me in reducing the chronic pain in my hip

S. J. - Townsend



Whenever I have an ailment I call Kathy because I know she can fix it. I've seen her for many issues over the years and can't recommend her enough. My youngest gets treatments from Kathy as well and it has done wonders for her headaches and anxiety.

Mandy Nelson-Worcester



I suffered from lower back, hip and leg pain for months. Standing,walking and sleeping were next to impossible. Physical therapy, exercise and pain medication did not help. It was suggested that I try acupuncture. After six treatments I began to experience pain relief. It has now been three months since I started treatment. Although I am not 100% yet, I am at a comfort level where I can stand and walk with relative ease and sleep through the night. Acupuncture is working for me.

R.S.- Ashby


I had severe hip and leg pain. There was absolutely no pain involved in the treatment....It was very relaxing. My pain level went from a "10" (severe) to nearly a "0" (no pain).

A.B. - Leominster, MA



After a bad attack of shingles behind my right knee and upper thigh area, I was left with terrible numbness. I was greatly helped by the acupuncture treatments which reduced my numbness by at least 60%.

R. V.



I had a rough time with anxiety and depression after the death of my parents. I had tried prescription drugs which ended up leaving me with stomach issues and even more anxiety about how I felt. After a few months of treatments ,I felt complete inner peace. I have a much better sense of how to handle my anxious moods when they do arise.

C. R.


I had pounding pain in the back of my head after my neck surgery. I got relief after just the first acupuncture session! Surprisingly, it didn't hurt and was very effective.

S. P. - Leominster

Allergy Testimonials:

I have been suffering from allergies and sinusitis for many years.
Since being treated at Acupuncture Associates my symptoms have almost completely ceased and my headaches have disappeared. I had a very comfortable spring and summer--the first I can remember with no antibiotics. I am very grateful for the improvement to my health.

M.L. - Fitchburg


When I began acupuncture and allergy treatments in June 2002, I
was very sick. I had been struggling with allergies and asthma for over 15 years (which started when I was 30 years old) and it seemed to get worse every year. My asthma, along with the many bouts of bronchitis and upper respiratory infections, just seemed to get me down more and more often. When I got sick, I could not get over it without taking an antibiotic or, in many cases, prednisone. I had been to doctors, allergists, pulmonary specialists, etc., but it seemed that I only got worse.

Acupuncture Associates took the time to find out what I was allergic to (there were many environmental, vitamin, and food allergies) and I was treated for each. Most of all acupuncture helped me rebuild my immune system. With all the prescriptions I had been taking over the years, my body could not fight back.

It took time and patience, but I can honestly say that I have my life back. Besides that fact I now feel great, my immune system is stronger and I am stronger physically (and probably mentally). I can run, walk, hike, play sports without getting winded and I have so much more energy. I can enjoy everyday life again.

I still come in for acupuncture to stay ahead of seasonal allergies and sometimes just for “balancing”. This may sound like a commercial but Acupuncture Associates truly changed my life

C.M.- Athol


I have been suffering with allergies since I was 15 years old. As I matured, the allergies got worse. I developed sensitivities to other things that weren't seasonal like mold, foods, fragrances, etc. I suffered from sinus infections and headaches almost all year round.

I went to allergies and sinus specialists for pain and still I did not get
the “magic pill”. I was even contemplating having sinus surgery, but at a family get-together Acupuncture came up. As I sat and listened to family and friends talk about how Acupuncture had helped them, I decided that I would call and make an appointment. It is the best decision I ever made.

It's been almost two years and I have had very few headaches and sinus problems. I can be outside and enjoy the outdoors

N.M.- Ayer


I had been suffering from migraines, sinus infections, earaches, stomachache, skin rashes, yeast infections, sleeping problems, anxiety and depression due to food and environmental allergies and stress.

It has been four months since my first allergy elimination and acupuncture session and I am thrilled to announce that I have been migraine and sinus infection-free. Other symptoms have also diminished.

I feel like I have taken back control of my life. Acupuncture has made a positive impact on my daily well-being. It has allowed me to feel and function like a “normal” person again.

C.C. - Winchendon


I had allergies and a lack of energy. My energy is back and my
allergies have improved so much that I am able to go without a lot of extra medication.

D. W. - Leominster


Now I can breathe and feel safe. I was worried that I would have an accident while driving due to my environmental allergies. I also couldn't sleep since I was so allergic to so many things. I was at the gym and a woman was telling me how terrible her allergies used to be and how much better she was after Acupuncture treatments.That's what brought me in.

I also enjoy learning about Chinese Medicine and get a lesson every time I come in. I especially enjoy coming in when I have a body ache as I always leave feeling refreshed. 

C. M. - Ayer


My son Alexander suffered terribly from allergies. Because of his
young age, many of the conventional options for treatment were not
appealing to me as a mother. After Acupuncture treatments, Alexander's allergies were much better! As Alexander continues to grow we return to Acupuncture to help with any new allergies we run into. Thank You!

P.S. - Leominster


My daughter was having problems with her digestive track, exzema,and nightmares. This was all due to allergies, which we were able to eliminate through acupressure treatments at Acupuncture Assoc. It is amazing how well my daughter responded to the treatments. She is no longer suffering from the former problems.

J. S.


I have been suffering with allergies since I was 15 years old. As I got older, the allergies got worse. I suffered from sinus infections and headaches almost all year round. I went to allergy and sinus specialists for the pain, but did not get a solution. I was even contemplating having sinus surgery.

Family members recommended Acupuncture and I made an appointment. It's now two years after my initial course of therapy and I have very few headaches or sinus problems. I can now go outside and enjoy the outdoors



I used to suffer terribly from environmental allergies every Fall and Spring. Thanks to more allergies! It has been years and I'm always amazed at the results of the treatments.

If you suffer, try being allergy-free without drugs! It's a fabulous feeling.


Stop Smoking Testimonials:

I'm glad I used the Stop For Life system to become a non-smoker
because, in three days it will be my sixtieth birthday. Thanks to Acupuncture Associates
I will celebrate it as a non-smoker. I wanted to quit smoking and the system gave me just the right “push” to make it possible. It has now been well over a month since my session and I now seldom even have cravings.

I have hesitated to write this letter. I waited to see if I was really off cigarettes for good. Today my wife complemented me on how good I was doing not smoking (and not smelling like a butt) and it occurred to me that I haven't even thought about smoking in at least the past week. I feel better, no more wheezing and coughing. I can actually smell and taste and realize I only thought I could when I smoked. I can't imagine myself as a smoker again.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to stop smoking. The cost is nothing compared to five dollars a pack for cigarettes. If you are on the fence about making the commitment, call Acupuncture Associates today. The program will make very clear all you will gain as compared to what you are giving up.

Thank you, I owe it to you .

R.L.- Lunenburg


I was a 30-year smoker and one hypnosis session (even though there
were three all together) did it. I will never smoke again!!! What a change!

T. B. - Pepperell


I am glad I used the Stop For Life system to become a non-smoker
because it worked for me immediately! Yes, after my first visit I am proud to say I was smoke free. I had tried numerous other methods without success such as the patch, gum, medications and none of them worked. I did not feel deprived, anxious, or stressed in the least. Their process and support through the first days and weeks made it literally a pain-free and a pleasant end to smoking. You will be amazed how different you feel and how easy it really can be and I had been a smoker for 30 plus years! I am proud to say I am a non-smoker and I will be a non-smoker for the rest of my life--and my grandchildren are thrilled to pieces--Thank you!!!

D. T. - Leominster


I had smoked for 30+ years. I was smoking 2-3 packs per day.
Wheezing at night and coughing in the morning was “normal”.
I realized I did not want to be a smoker anymore. I had tried to quit several times in the past 30+ years (acupuncture = no, Wellbutrin = no, Chantix = no; I'd quit for Lent and light up Easter morning).

My first session was November 12, 2009 and I am a non-smoker!! No pain--so much to gain!! Thank you

C.L. - Leominster


I was contributing to the continuation of my health ailments. I could not have done this on my own and I am so pleased that I came here for the stop smoking program. The support helped me when I left here and for my final comment: I am a non-smoker!

S. S. - Pepperell


I used the program in October of 2006, and it is now June 2008. I
was honestly skeptical that hypnosis would work--and even had my doubts during the treatment. I can honestly say I cheated two times during the first years. Trying a cigarette one evening with a friend who smokes and the next day saying to myself, “Why did I do that”? I did not have the desire to take it up again. And now that I have a second child, I am SO grateful to be a non-smoker! I not only never think about it anymore, I'm really turned off by it.

I'm 38 now and have smoked on and off from the time I was a senior in high school--sometimes heavy and sometimes going cold turkey during my pregnancy only to start again. I have a 3-year old and a four-day old.

I've been a non-smoker for almost 2 years now! This program works if you are inspired to quit. I highly recommend it

A. K. - Sterling


I needed to stop smoking because of my health and for my grandchildren who did not like the smell of the nicotine. This program helped me a lot and was so easy to follow.

Lily - Fitchburg


It was time for me to stop. I was ready to make that commitment to making my life healthier and happier. Chewing tobacco used to own me.

I'm glad to say that my desire to use tobacco is gone

J.C. - Leominster


I was unable to breathe and oxygen was the next step if I didn't do something about stopping. I was smoking two packs a day. I tried “Commit” and other programs, but to no avail. This program is amazing and I plan to put an all-out effort to see that I remain smoke-free for life.

J. L. - Townsend


I wanted to be a much healthier person. Not only for me but for my
wife, my family, and my friends. I smoked for 16 years. I tried everything, but it just seemed like I couldn't give it up. But thanks to Debra Fournier for showing me that it can happen. Now I feel like I can deal with the everyday things in life without picking up a butt. Now I'll be able to do things with a clearer focus without a need for a cigarette. I can feel healthier doing things without the worry of running out of air. I can enjoy a much better life with my wife and family.

Thanks once again!

J. B. - Fitchburg


I wanted to stop for the sake of my children. I had tried everything from patches, gum and pills and nothing worked until I came to see Deb. I am truly amazed at the results. A smoker for 30 years, I wasn't sure anything would work. I am now a believer! I recommend this to anyone.

Thank you for allowing me to now be able to say that I am a non-smoker

P. C. - Westminster


The program worked for me immediately! I had tried numerous other methods (the patch, gum, medications) without success. I didn't feel deprived, anxious or stressed in the least. You will be amazed how different you feel and how easy it really can be! I had been a smoker for 30+ years. Now I am a non-smoker for life and my grandchildren are thrilled to pieces!!

D. M


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